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Le terre di zoè Farm House is located between the villages of Limbadi and Nicotera, in the district of Vibo Valentia, along the southern slope of Monte Poro at a height of about 74 meters above sea level.

It is surrounded by Clementine and Kiwi trees, that with oranges and olives, are the main organic production of the farm.

The countryside is in a sheltered location and the presence of large shady spots in the garden allow you to enjoy the warm days during the fall and to find refreshment in the hottest afternoons during summer. This gives the possibility to stay as long as possible outside.

The accomodation is located on a flat ground that allows pleasant walks or bike rides, making it the ideal place for families with small children or pets.

The farmhouse is located just 5 km from Nicotera Marina beach, and it is near to the most popular touristic places like Capo Vaticano (23 km) and Tropea (29 km). In this way our guests will enjoy the quiet of the countryside and the beautiful Calabrian sea.

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